Face Rocks the Edinburgh Festival Fringe — Rated a “Highly Recommended Show”
Edinburgh Scotland EdFringe Review

Blending modern popular tunes with complex harmonies, brilliant beat-box rhythms and superb singing with more traditional songs, Face Vocal Band take their audience on a musical journey and it’s fantastic fun.

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Face: The Humble Band with Ambition
Boulder Weekly

When people ask how the six members of the vocal rock band Face met each other, they say and it always gets a chuckle, says Mark Megibow, the vocal drummer of Face. After 14 years in-theworks, Face has come to be loved by their fellow Colorado natives and continue to impress the music world with their a cappella roots and charismatic personalities.
Face is a nationally recognized vocal rock band and should not be mistaken for a cappella. Each member’s voice brings a unique sound to this even more unique group of guys. With a number of original songs and plenty of cover songs, Face has truly redefined what it means to be a rock star. But the real draw for the band’s fan base is their charisma on and off stage.

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Face Vocal Band Gets Ready to Rock Denver’s Paramount Theatre, A Cappella Style
YourHub Denver Post

There’s something about the holiday season that gets people in the mood for music. For local a cappella rock group Face, this year is a bit more special than most.

On Friday, November 11th, Denver’s Paramount Theatre welcomes Face for a special 10th anniversary concert and CD release party for the group’s fourth album, “I Hear the Bells”. Back in 2000, Ben Lunstad and Joseph DiMasi had the vision to create a vocal band unlike any other – not just passion and power, not just a wall of sound, but also a musical experience that leaves people breathless with every moment of every song…

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About Face: Local a cappella heroes, Face, change it up for the holidays
By Dave Kirby
Boulder Weekly

All right, so what if Ben Folds doesn’t get an invite; Face is closing in on another vocal-madness holiday gig at the Boulder Theater; part holy night, part holy crap, how do they do that? …

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Face’s all-vocal rock is a big hit in Boulder
By Vince Darcangelo

Daily Camera

It’s an uphill battle for any local band seeking headliner status. For Boulder’s Face, that hill was just a little bit higher.

As an all-vocal band, Face has had to overcome the stigma of being an a cappella group. Mark Megibow, the band’s vocal percussionist and business manager, is quick to point out that Face is so much more than that.

“We’re a rock group. But it’s all vocal,” he says.

Even the phrase “vocal band” can be misleading. Sure, it’s six guys singing, but Megibow uses his voice like a drum kit, doing everything from re-creating traditional percussion instruments like cymbals and snare drums to beatboxing (see sidebar). Bass vocalist Forest Kelly doesn’t just offer a strong baritone voice. He mimics an electric bass….

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Face the Music: Vocal Band Hits the Right Note
By Elisa Bosley

When you see the all-vocal rock band Face, your first job is to lose all preconceptions of a cappella music. Forget old-time gospel-hour tunes. Ix-nay on boat hats, candy-striped shirts and suspenders. In fact, if you check out the singers’ website to form an expectation, you won’t find the phrase “a cappella” anywhere. That’s because this sizzling group of seven guys just might be the original a cappella iconoclasts, busting the typical image to smithereens as they create a sound and style all their own…

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Face Vocal Band to bring holiday music to the Lincoln Center

By Maddie Wright

Face Vocal Band will be performing their holiday concert on Friday Nov. 25 at the Lincoln Center.  Face is a vocal rock band from Boulder, Colorado consisting of four singers and a vocal percussionist.

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About Face: Boulder Vocal Rock Band Finally ‘Makes It’

Nice guys don’t always finish first, but they do tend to finish well. That’s the payoff for the persistent craftsmanship of the men who’ve been part of Face vocal band. For fifteen years, they’ve carved out time from their work and family lives in and around Boulder to forge new music, an approach so unique they had to name it themselves — vocal rock, a propulsive, amplified a cappella act that’s not a Pitch Perfect knockoff, nor doo-wop, nor barbershop nor show-tune medleys nor Gregorian chants – with stunning agility and rich depth of sound. They just rock.

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Leave the drums at home- Vocal group looks to rock, using only their voices
By Lindsay Sax

Five guys hit the stage for a concert in the Capital City, leaving the instruments at home.  FACE Vocal Band made a stop at Topeka West High School Thursday, an acapella group based in Boulder, CO.

The performance and choir workshop was a homecoming for vocal percussionist Mark Megibow. He is a T-West alum.

Megibow used to perform on the same stage when he was a teen as a member of the Topeka West band, choir and theater departments. Thursday’s performance was different though, this time he hit the stage with his band mates using only their voices to create music.

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