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Face in your school

Face is passionately dedicated to furthering music education for youth, and offers a number of opportunities to support your school’s music program.

Fundraising programs

Tired of the same old annual fundraisers? Have a Face concert instead! We will work with teachers, administration, and parents to assist in making your fundraiser as successful as possible. Over the past few years, Face has helped schools to raise everything from hundreds to thousands of dollars for their music and arts programs, in addition to providing inspiring interactions with the students.

Combine your fundraiser with an Educational Program, and Face can have a profound effect on your whole school.

Education Programs

Face provides high-quality educational programs and clinics to middle school and high school choirs that are above and beyond what most touring bands can offer. Collectively, the Face guys have nearly two hundred years of experience as singers, musicians, and performers. Individually, each member of Face brings a uniquely impressive background and skill-set. Stephen Ross is an award-winning choral director, Cody Qualls is one of the foremost contemporary vocal coaches in Colorado, Mark Megibow spent fifteen years working with youth leadership programs, while Driver spent the better part of a year touring schools across the eastern seaboard with “Almost Recess,” a vocal group dedicated to bringing music programs to school kids.

Face consults with music directors to ensure that the clinic pinpoints those issues that the teachers find most important, thus supporting the teachers’ classroom efforts and vision. Many times a lesson will have more impact for students when reinforced by a fresh new voice, especially when it comes from someone they look up to as a professional “in the business.”

Face’s primary message is that proper vocal technique and training is critically important for any style of singing one wants to pursue. Although Face performs “all-vocal rock,” the music is still created by the same foundations of proper vocal production, breathing, support, intonation, and blend. Vocal rock arrangements frequently depart from classic vowel sounds and placement in order to create the instrumental sounds characteristic of the genre, but it is all still produced atop the same foundational principles being taught in every choral classroom across the country. Face reinforces those things, while showing the students diverse avenues of vocal music. The entire package proves to be educational and inspiring.

Contact Stephen for more information on how to bring Face to your school (