Virtual Choir – From Now On

Welcome to the Face Vocal Band “From Now On” Virtual Choir video project! Whether you are a singer, who had been looking forward to singing at Carnegie Hall in March, or fans of Face Vocal Band and are missing our typically full concert schedule, needless to say we’ve all been affected by COVID-19. And while staying safe and healthy is forefront on everyone’s minds as it should be, we are inviting you all to be a part of creating this small snippet of what could have been, in our best efforts to keep the joyous spirit of music alive in our hearts.
We hope you will join us in contributing to this project, whether through your voice or through your heart…or both! Instructions for recording and uploading your individual videos are below.
Videos should be submitted no later than Monday, April 13.


  • Before doing ANYTHING, watch the “Instructions & Tips” video by our own Stephen Ross, immediately below these bullet points.
  • Find a quiet room.  The less noise, the better we can hear you!
  • Make sure your face is well lit.  We want to see your beautiful face. Avoid having a window or bright light behind you.
  • If possible, set the camera to horizontal. Stay within 1.5′-2.5′ of your camera/phone/computer.
  • When you are ready to record, put in your headphones (so only you hear the music!).
  • Start filming, play the appropriate video (below), and sing along.
  • Remember to smile. =)
  • When you are done, click the button below to upload your video!
  • When uploading, put your name in the First Name box, and your vocal part in the Last Name box.  This will help us put you in the right section!

Face Fans

  • Videos should be no longer than 15 seconds.
  • Consider the lighting in the room – make sure there is more light in front of you than behind you, so we can see you clearly.
  • We will not be using your audio, so don’t worry about background noise.
  • If you have the option, turn the camera to horizontal to capture the best possible shot.
  • When you are done, click the button below to upload your video!
  • When uploading, put your name in the First Name box, and write FAN VIDEO in the Last Name box.


  • Hold a sign that says, “From Now On, I… (then finish the phrase with your own personal, meaningful commitment).” Write on white paper, use a dark, thick marker, and write clearly. Double check your video to make sure it is easy to read.
  • Write a word (or two) on your hand in dark marker that is a wish you want to send to the world during these challenging times. Again, make sure we can see you and the word clearly. We we want to see you, too (not just your hand)!  =)
  • Make a simple, short video of you and your family sharing a happy moment. That can be dancing, hugging, playing games, anything creative that shows you and your people being happy, positive, peaceful, or having fun.




Baritone (High)

Baritone (Low)

Donate to this project

There is no fee, donation, or other financial obligation to participate in this project. That being said, we’re funding this project ourselves, which will carry its own expenses. And of course, we’re choosing to do this at a time when all of our gigs have been cancelled or postponed, so our income is hampered as well. Like most of you, we’re also concerned about money already in limbo because of the cancelled Carnegie trip, so we understand many people are strapped and stressed.
So it’s with all of that in mind that, if you want to contribute any amount to help fund this project, here are the links that will get you to our PayPal or Venmo.