Mark Megibow here, and I’m one of the original members, so I’ve been in since 2001!

I was born on a USAF Base in Wiesbaden, Germany – my dad was a psychiatrist for the Air Force, stationed there. I spent the first 2 1/2 years of my life in Germany (and seeing all the sights of Europe). One of the first airplane flights in my life was flying back to the States.

I got connected with Face through a friend-of-a-friend. The founders, Joseph and Ben, were telling all their friends that they were looking for singers, and a mutual friend gave Joseph my phone number. When he called, I was out, so he chatted with Sara (my wife). He obviously impressed her, because she gave me the message and said, “You should audition. Sounds like they’re taking this seriously.”

I always like to tell people, “I’m the drummer in the band. I just use beatboxing sounds to do it.” I’ve always loved to sing too, and the guys are kind enough to give me a solo here and there, but percussion is my true passion. And the other guys in the band are such rock stars, I feel really blessed to be able to just sit back, do my thing, and let them wail.

I pretty much love everything about my job. I’ve been on stage since I was 7 years old, and being a full-time performer has been a life-long dream that I’ve only been able to accomplish through Face. So it’s not just that I love performing, I love performing with THESE guys especially, and I love performing for our amazing AUDIENCE that we’ve amassed over the years even more.

There have been many favorite moments for me in Face since 2001, but I like to share the one that 800+ of our fans will remember just as fondly. In December 2009, we had just been cut from Season 1 of NBC’s hit show The Sing-Off (first group ever to get cut – a proud distinction we carry that no one can ever take away from us!). We’d canceled our entire holiday season, hoping that the show was going to be more of an extended trip, and now we were coming home, tails between our legs, wishing we could get back on stage to salvage our holiday season, and a shred of dignity. Miraculously (or was it no coincidence?), Boulder Theater still had a date available at the last-minute, so we booked it and announced it right away – 800+ seats sold out almost immediately. That night, right before going on stage, Forest said, “Oh – the crowd might not stop clapping for us for a long time. Might want to be prepared for that.” And sure enough, when we took the stage, the outpouring of love was powerful and palpable. A banner hung from the balcony saying, “You’re still our #1.” It was exactly what we needed in that moment to lift our spirits.

There is something magical about Face – there always has been. I think that’s why we started attracting the amazing audience that we have, even from those first performances (I like to say, “Back in the beginning, we weren’t always GREAT, but we were always FUN!”). All of us are acutely aware of how blessed we are, and how special it is, because we’ve all been involved with less successful projects in the past. And we know how important Face is to all of YOU, our beloved audience. That is why we are still so devoted to the band even after decades of performances. And over the pandemic, when everything was threatened, it’s why we worked so hard to KEEP what we’ve created. Face is my happy place, and that’s as much because of you, as it is because of my bandmates. My love for each and every one of you in boundless.