FAM in NYC @ Carnegie Hall! March 26-30, 2020

New Information!

​It is important for all participants to read the following information! Failure to do so could affect your ability to participate in the trip!!!

STEP 1 – Enroll

(Singers Only. Non-Performing VIPs proceed to STEP 2)
If you want to sing in the large choir at Carnegie Hall, YOU MUST BE ENROLLED in one of the following Face Academy of Music programs: Coal Creek Community Chorus, or any of the Rock Choir Colorado ensembles. If you are not currently registered, click one of the links to enroll:
Click here for Coal Creek Community Chorus
Click here for Rock Choir Colorado


STEP 2 – Pay Deposit to Face (Participant Fee)

(Singers and Non-Performing VIPs)
The deposit for Singers and Non-Performing VIPs is $200, toward the Participant Fee.
Total Participant Fees are as follows:
Singers – $965
Non-Performing VIPs – $565
(All participants have paid this initial deposit – YAY!)
(A second deposit for the Participant Fee Will be due November 1 – see below)
(The final balance will be due January 25, 2020 – see below)


Step 3 – Book Travel with AAA Colorado

To start the process, you must click on the following link and fill out the interest form. AAA Colorado will contact you within 24 hours to work with you and your individual situation. The form is NOT FINAL, it is simply to give AAA basic information to start the reservation. If you have questions, you should still fill out the form to the best of your ability – once AAA contacts you, you can make any necessary changes.
Click here to fill out the AAA travel form


IMPORTANT NOTES Regarding Booking Travel with AAA Colorado
  • Fees associated with AAA and travel arrangements are separate from the Participation Fees. AAA may require a deposit toward your travel arrangements. This is separate from the $200 deposit already made to Face.
  • If you choose to not book your travel with AAA Colorado, you are accepting responsibility for knowing your schedule once we get to New York, as well as getting yourself to and from all associated rehearsals, events, and the performance.
  • AAA Colorado has negotiated group rates for two different hotels, with two different price ranges. The closer of the two hotels (Manhattan Times Square) has a cheaper rate, however there were some concerns regarding its upkeep, therefore a second option has been offered (Hampton Inn Manhattan). It is slightly more expensive, and slightly farther from Carnegie Hall.
    • If you have already booked at the Manhattan Times Square and you wish to change to the Hampton Inn, AAA Colorado can facilitate that change for you, however you will of course have to pay the higher room rate.
    • If you stay at the Manhattan, and are dissatisfied with your room, there will be hotel staff on hand to assist with our group and find you an acceptable room. You will NOT be able to switch to the Hampton Inn once we get to New York.
  • If you wish to room with another participant(s) to get the lower room rate, AAA Colorado is NOT able to assist with matching you with other participants. You must find your roommate(s) before making the travel arrangements.
  • ALSO – if you are booking a room together with another participant, unfortunately AAA can only negotiate with a single payer. One of the participants will have to be responsible for paying the balance. Then you will have to work out your own financial arrangements between roommate(s) for them to cover their portion of the costs.
  • There will be shuttles to and from the airport ONLY FOR THOSE WHO BOOK THEIR HOTEL WITH AAA. You may still book your air travel independently and take advantage of the shuttles, but only if you’ve booked your hotel through AAA.
    • On March 26, there will be 2 shuttles from La Guardia to the hotels, one leaving at 2:30pm and the other one at 6:00pm
    • On March 30, there will be 2 shuttles from the hotels to La Guardia, the first leaving at 8:30am, the second one at 1:30pm.
    • If your flights do not coordinate with these times, or if you have booked your own hotel accommodations, you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport!
  • PLEASE NOTE: all travel costs and related fees will be paid directly to AAA Colorado, and are separate from the “participant fees” listed in the other Steps.
  • FINAL TRAVEL PAYMENTS will be due to AAA Colorado by December 10, 2019.


Step 4 – Pay Participant Fee Second Deposit

The second deposit is due by November 1, 2019
Singers – $200
Non-Performing VIPs – $200
Click here to pay the second deposit for the Participant Fee


Step 5 – Pay Participant Fee Final Balance

Final balance for the Participant Fee is due January 25, 2020.
Assuming you have paid the prior deposits (See Steps 2 and 4), your final balance will be one of two amounts:
Singers – $565
Non-Performing VIPs – $165
Click here to pay the final balance for the Participant Fee